Jariiban District

Jariban District is located 220 km southeast of Garowe and lies between Latitude 07° 12´ N and Longitude 048° 51´ E and covers area of 420 squared km. It is bounded by Eyl Districts in the north, Galkayo in the south, Garowe and Burtinle in the northwest and the Indian Ocean in the east.

City Life

Jariban has first gained a district status in the 1957s during the Italian–Somali Administration and later on in the 1968 has become fully fletched district in the Mudug Region of Somalia.

The economy of the district depends primarily on livestock rearing and fishery sectors. Municipality of Jariban estimates that around 60 per cent of the family income comes from livestock rearing, while 30 per cent from fishery and the remaining 10 per cent from small scale retail shops.

It is estimated that the livestock rearing and fishery sectors produce significant economic value, which is between US$ 1.8 and 3.2 million for livestock and around one millionUS$ for the fishery sector, in the district. 



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